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Infants, Toddlers and Early Childhood

The more young children can be in healthy and supportive learning environments, the more likely they will be emotionally, mentally and physically healthy and able to reach their full potential. We support state-level and local-level early childhood development opportunities because studies show they increase healthy outcomes and lifelong health for children, particularly those in greatest need.

Advocates across the country are helping children reach their full potential, including the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition in Washington State, a Voices for Healthy Kids-funded campaign. The Coalition worked for years with the Washington State Department of Early Learning to update and align licensing requirements for family home and center-based early learning settings. When children learn about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity from an early age, those habits can last a lifetime. And in Washington, where nearly 5,800 licensed early learning providers serve more than 166,000 children, that’s a lot of potential impact.

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