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Voices for Healthy Kids works with communities to advance equitable policies that make the places where kids and their families live, learn, and play healthier. One way in which we support campaigns is by developing messaging that works, and the skills to deliver them. We offer more than issue-based support and seek to increase the communication and messaging skill set of advocates.

We focus on working with advocates to meet decision makers across the political spectrum where they are, communicating in a manner that resonates with their values. Our goal is not just pass good public policy, but to increase communication, consensus and relationship building. We focus on values-based messaging, learning to better understand those we seek to influence and to find common ground. Voices for Healthy Kids offers tools, trainings and guides that help customize messaging that appeals to those who have the power to give you what you want.

Our work is only beginning. As capacity and funding allow; we will add to the library of offerings. Projects are chosen based on real world requests of advocates. We hope to next add to the series: Advancing Policy: Guides to Finding Common Ground and Solutions with Decision-Makers with guides on working with progressive leaders as well as working in rural communities.

Advancing Policy: Guides to Finding Commonalities and Solutions With Decision-Makers Health Equity in Public Policy Series Issue Specific Series

Voices for Healthy Kids hopes to develop the following work as resources allow:

  • Advancing Policy: Guide to Finding Common Ground with Progressive Policy Makers

  • Advancing Policy: Guide to Finding common Ground with Rural Policy Makers

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