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Active, Equitable Communities

Some under-resourced neighborhoods have lacked well-maintained routes to parks and schools, roads, bike lanes, and sidewalks for decades. We support state and local policies and funding. We influence the use of federal dollars in states that make communities more livable. We help to ensure all people can safely get where they need to go–to work, school, the library, grocery stores or parks–starting where the needs are greatest.

For example, Los Angeles County, which is one of the deadliest metros in the country for people who are walking and bicycling, is moving forward with a massive transportation rebuild. The Los Angeles County Transportation Improvement Plan includes developments, such as repairing streets and sidewalks, improving traffic flow, and expanding public transit and improving connections. The goal is to not only increase the safety of its 10 million citizens, but also to also make it easier for them to be more physically active. Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, with funding from Voices for Healthy Kids, is working to make sure that these improvement projects are designed to increase safety for people walking and biking are implemented as promised under the plan.

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