Finding Commonalities and Solutions With Decision-Makers

How To Use This Tool


Consider where the person you’re meeting with fits best within the four archetypes discussed in this guide. Fine-tune the archetype using the dials of age and geography, along with other insights based on your own research and experience. Finally, consider the influence of broad characteristics at play across all archetypes


Use the exercises found in the Creating Shared Space portion of this guide to prepare for the conversation by identifying your own feelings, needs and values in policy conversations, and work with your feelings to stay calm and centered. 


In conversation, create a connection and listen first. Use the lists shared in the exercises mentioned above to name and honor the needs and values of the person you’re meeting with, then find and name the areas of common ground. Watch for times when you need to bring in a different messenger or use other strategies to protect your own needs. End with an open door for ongoing relationship building and conversation. 


Plan for both long-term relationship-building visits and specific policy asks. You’ll find messages and tips to support both actions.

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