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Finding Commonalities and Solutions With Decision-Makers

Acknowledgments and Gratitude

It is with deep gratitude that we thank the many colleagues across the ideological spectrum who were engaged in this research. Contributors and reviewers included: advocates working in conservative states; policy and communication teams from national organizations working on PN-3 issues, local decision-making, and/or bi-partisan collaboration; message and policy researchers; and others who are seeking and creating the “third space” for conversation.

To those who informed the development of this guide by sharing insights and ideas:

Voices for Healthy Kids 

  • Allyson Frazier 

  • Lori Fresina 

Metropolitan Group

  • Serene Arena

  • Alexandra Byron (formerly at MG)

  • Debra Clark

  • Jennifer Messenger

  • LaShawn McCarthy Jr.

  • Nora Wedemeyer

  • Surili Sutaria Patel

  • Vernice Miller-Travis

Research Team

  • Anusuya StarBear, nonviolent communication consultant 

  • Christine Matthews, Bellwether Research and Consulting

  • Karen McManis, Bellwether Research and Consulting

  • Jay Campbell, Hart Research 


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