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Racial Equity in Public Policy

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Books, Videos and Articles

Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity, National Academies of Press (2017) 550-page report discusses what communities can do to promote health equity, what actions are needed by stakeholders that are part of communities or support them, as well as the root causes and structural barriers that need to be overcome.

158 Resources to Understand Racism in America by Meilan Solly, Smithsonian Magazine, links to articles, videos, podcasts and websites from the Smithsonian that chronicle the history of anti-black violence and inequality in the United States.

139 Resources for Talking about Race curated by the National Museum of African American History & Culture cover topics of community building, racialized identity, systems of oppression, being antiracist, whiteness, bias and self-care and are segmented by audiences of educators, persons committed to equity and families or caregivers.

Understanding Racism in Americais a curated list of 25 TED talks and interviews ranging from 5 minutes to over an hour – from the founders of Black Lives Matter to impact of racism on the economy, voting, health, incarceration, art and the symbols of racism this list may be useful in a variety of settings.

Health Equity: Make it your business (videos and infographics), The Cost of Health Inequities in Minnesota (2018 report) and The State We’re In (podcast) all from Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota explore the costs of health inequities, specific community needs and how businesses can support decreasing disparities. 

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