New American Heart Association policy roadmap addresses inequities in nutrition, aims to ensure everyone can eat healthy

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American Heart Association
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Policy Statement Highlights:

  • Many existing policies and programs focus on improving access to enough food. However, there is growing consensus that the focus should instead be on the broader concept of improving nutrition security, which includes having equitable and stable availability, access, affordability, and use of foods and beverages that promote well-being and prevent and treat disease.

  • New recommendations support policies that ensure nutrition security for all people across their lifespan, and that all people have the knowledge and tools to prepare, eat and store nutritious foods.

  • The policy statement includes recommendations for expanding and improving current policies and programs to achieve nutrition security by emphasizing nutritional quality; improving reach; ensuring optimal use; improving coordination across programs; ensuring stability of access to programs across the life course; and ensuring equity and dignity for access and use.

Check out the full story and access the policy statement here.

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