In a recent blog, Safe Routes Partnership highlighted everyone’s need for safe, affordable and healthy transportation options during the pandemic. Read on to learn more!

Active transportation advocates and public transit providers have long been key allies in advancing safe, equitable transportation options. Through our regional policy work in places like the Pacific Northwest and California, we have regularly partnered with public transit service providers to work toward shared goals and advance regional planning, Complete Streets, Vision Zero and environmental justice. We advocate for safe, accessible public transit and active transportation options, especially for communities of color and under-resourced communities who depend on transit to get around.

During these times of rapid changes and uncertainty, we’ve noticed that’s one word that keeps coming up: essential. Transit is a lifeline to help essential workers get to and from work, and to ensure that everyone else can get to the grocery store and critical destinations. Local and state governments are issuing stay at home orders asking that only essential workers leave home for work and for everyone to stay home unless they have an essential trip like getting groceries or going to medical appointments. Many people do not have the privilege of staying home and will continue to require transportation options to get to and from essential jobs, grocery stores and other services.

This pandemic shines a spotlight on everyone’s need for safe, affordable and healthy transportation options and makes it clear that public transit is an essential service. It has also highlighted some of the inequities of transit options for low-income and communities of color – riders who depend on transit services most.

Check out the full blog, Advocating for Essential Transit Options: Active Transportation Advocates as Allies, for key takeaways, lessons learned and solutions working for transit agencies through COVID-19.