Media Advocacy Resources

At the core of your campaign is how you communicate about your work to decision makers, volunteers, advocates and the public. Your goal is not just to provide them with more information, but to move them to action. To do this effectively, your campaign needs to develop clear and persuasive ways of talking about the issue you are working on (messages), and strategies for getting your message out to key audiences (media advocacy). 

The following tools have been developed to help you create a media advocacy plan for your campaign. The guide below covers how to integrate communications into your campaign by developing and deploying persuasive messaging to tell the story of your work. 

The guide also addresses how to get your message out — both proactively and reactively — through media, digital and social channels for advocacy purposes. 

In addition, you’ll find links to worksheets to help you with the planning process and tip sheets for implementing several media advocacy strategies. 

Download the Guidebooks 

Media Advocacy Planning Worksheets 

Media Advocacy Tip Sheets 

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