Success Stories

Healthier Vending in Albuquerque

New Mexico

Diet-related diseases, such as diabetes, stoke and cardiovascular disease, cost $324 million each year in New Mexico in health care costs. To help address this, the Albuquerque City Council recently passed Resolution 16-52, which improves access to healthier food options through the adoption of nutrition standards for foods and beverages provided within government facilities. These improvements help to create a healthier environment for city employees and citizens in city buildings, parks, and recreation facilities. Making healthy foods and beverages more available on public properties aligns the city and its leadership in improving the health of not only city employees, but all residents in Albuquerque.

The healthy vending standards increase access to healthy food and beverage options, and decrease sodium and sugar intake. R-16-52 also requires calories content to be displayed on food options so buyers are aware of nutritional content.


September 2016