Improving Physical Education through Health Equity in Washington and Oregon

IAF Northwest, a regional network of broad-based community alliances in Washington, Oregon, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany, has been working on a strategy that has proven successful so far. Understanding that many of the people they interact with are new to the advocacy process, they focus on teaching one key principle: “power with,” which means leveraging your own experiences and skills because that is where the power lies.

Safe Routes to School in Washington

The Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, American Heart Association and Washington Bikes partnered to find a solution that will help get more kids walking and biking to school.  Together, the advocates organized the Safe Routes Healthy Kids Campaign and urged policymakers to approve funding for improvements such as safer crosswalks, sidewalks and bike routes in Washington State. Ultimately the efforts lead to securing $75 million for a Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Grant Program, $89 million for a Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Project List and $56 million for Safe Routes to School, totaling $186.05 million in state funding.