Eat Smart Move More South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC, enacted a binding administrative policy that requires healthy vending options on all county owned property – Regulatory

Eat Smart Move More South Carolina

The mayor of Charleston, SC, signed a healthy vending policy covering all city owned and leased properties – Executive Order

Eat Smart Move More South Carolina

The Columbia, SC, City Council passed a healthy vending and food service resolution to ensure that healthier food and beverage options are available on local public property – Legislative

South Carolina American Heart Association (AHA)

 South Carolina adopted a competitive foods statewide policy to ensure the nutritional quality of foods in schools – Regulatory

Working to Improve Out-Of-School Time Programs in South Carolina

Increasing children’s access to healthy foods and time for physical activity promotes lifelong health. And out-of-school time programs – which include before-school care, after-school care, weekend programs, and summer day and resident camps – can play an integral role in developing these healthy habits. In South Carolina, a coalition comprised of both local and national partners is working together to improve upon these initiatives.