Equity through Access to Healthy Food: American Heart Association in New York

Nearly 1.9 million residents of New York City–nearly a quarter of the city’s population–live in lower-income communities with limited access to healthy food retail, and data show they are at risk of poor nutrition and rising rates of heart disease. The American Heart Association in New York City, with support from a grant from Voices for Healthy Kids, aims to help residents address these issues by advocating for city funding that will directly impact this outcome.

Effective Physical Education in New York City

An American Heart Association survey found that students in the country’s largest school district, New York City, were not receiving adequate physical education. As a result, the Phys Ed 4 All Coalition was formed, and in collaboration with several partners, successfully achieved the passage of a requirement for schools to publicly report on physical education.

This increased awareness led to the allocation of millions in city-funded dollars dedicated to hiring more certified PE teachers.