Communities Creating Opportunity

The Kansas City, MO, Board of Education adopted an updated school wellness policy to promote student health and facilitate student learning of lifelong healthy habits around nutrition and physical activity. – Regulatory

Missouri American Heart Association (AHA)

Kansas City, MO, improved its 2014 vending policy to bring it up to date with modern nutritional standards.Residents, city employees, and visitors will have access to healthier options while on city property. – Legislative

2018: Missouri American Heart Association (AHA)

The City Council in Kansas City, MO, passed an ordinance requiring new transportation infrastructure projects to include Complete Streets components, with a priority on ensuring successful implementation of Complete Streets in low and moderate income neighborhoods. – Legislative

Missouri American Heart Association (AHA)

St. Louis Mayor signed an executive order implementing nutrition standards for all vending machines and food service operations on city property. – Executive Order

Kansas City – Approved by Board of Education

Communities Creating Opportunity, December 12, 2018

Complete Streets Policy in Kansas City

The Kansas City, MO City Council unanimously approved a Complete Streets policy that integrated active transportation into street design.