Louisiana American Heart Association (AHA)

Voters in Baton Rouge, LA, approved a sales tax that will generate approximately $170 million over 30 years to improve sidewalks, connectivity, and safe biking and walking routes in a vulnerable community. – Ballot Measure


 Louisiana Governor signed Executive Order 17-15, requiring healthy vending for all state owned and leased properties, making Louisiana the first state to meet all AHA’s policy priorities for healthy vending. – Executive Order

Louisiana American Heart Association (AHA)

Jefferson Parish, LA, president signed an executive directive requiring both healthy vending and healthy food service on all Jefferson Parish public property. – Executive Order

Louisiana American Heart Association (AHA)

New Orleans finalized a healthy food procurement vending and healthy food service procurement policy impacting over 5,500 city employees and 378,000 residents. – Executive Order

Louisiana Healthy Food Financing

Louisiana passed the Healthy Food Retail Act in 2009 to help expand healthy food into areas most in need, however, the funding was never allocated. In 2016, Governor John Bel Edwards first signed a budget bill to include $1 million in funding for this critical initiative. Then by 2017, Governor Edwards signed House Bill 1 into law, bringing the total initiative funding to $2 million.