New Research Links Lack of Fresh Food Accessibility to Signs of Early Heart Disease

AH Herald

October 4, 2016
in Corner Stores

Healthy food accessibility is an issue that affects thousands of New Jerseyans. Many rely on the local neighborhood store for groceries because a supermarket isn’t in close proximity. Unfortunately, many of these stores don’t carry healthy foods. When fresh produce and healthy options aren’t available for purchase, families are forced to consume foods often loaded with saturated fat, high levels of sodium and poor nutrition.

New research published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation suggests a lack of access to nearby stores selling fresh food may increase residents’ risk of developing the signs of early heart disease

“The need for healthy food access in New Jersey in undeniable,” states Dr. Mario E. Pozo, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and the Director of the Pre-Hospital Medicine Program/EMS Coordinator for Jersey City Medical Center, RWJ Barnabas Health.  “Heart disease and stroke remain the top health threats in the state, and a healthy diet can help reduce risk for these diseases.”

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