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Santa Clara County Healthy Beverages in Kids’ Meals

The Santa Clara County Healthy Beverages in Kids’ Meal Ordinance recently passed 4-0, and ensures that restaurants that sell kids’ meals can only include water and milk in those meals.

Voices for Healthy Kids

April 27, 2017

News from Oklahoma: Healthy Food Access Progress

We have exciting news from Oklahoma: the state is making progress in helping all families access affordable, healthy foods!

Voices for Healthy Kids

April 26, 2017
in Healthy Food Financing

Progress in Washington: Healthier Kids through Improved Physical Education

On April 20th, the Governor signed HB 1235, which requires the reporting of PE quality at school, district, and state level.

Voices for Healthy Kids

April 25, 2017

Montgomery County and the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Approve Increased Healthy Vending

Montgomery County and Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission have passed policies that will expand healthy drinks and snacks offered in county and park vending machines.

Voices for Healthy Kids

April 19, 2017

Week of Wins: Healthier Vending in St. Louis and Safer Physical Activity in New York

St. Louis, Missouri, and New York State are making their communities healthier for all families.

Voices for Healthy Kids

April 13, 2017

Goedeken: Out-of-school time matters too

Children and youth in grades K-12 spend only 18.5 percent of their waking hours in the formal classroom environment. So where are they spending the rest of their time? As the number of working parents increases, more and more youth are coming home to empty homes after school. It is during these unsupervised hours when juvenile crime and victimization increases drastically, and youth miss opportunities to learn, create and problem solve. Expanded learning opportunities provide fun,enriching, safe environments where students can explore, learn, create and build life skills that will prove invaluable as they grow and develop into competent, caring adults.

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The Columbus Telegram

April 12, 2017
in Out-of-School Time

Complete Streets in Brunswick, GA

Congratulations, Brunswick, GA! Locals and visitors will have safer streets for transportation and recreation! Last week, the Mayor and City Commission passed Ordinance 1048, a Complete Streets policy to improve community health, while decreasing traffic congestion.

Voices for Healthy Kids

April 10, 2017
in Complete Streets

Progress in Idaho: House Bill 334 for Safe Routes to School

Idaho is taking steps to make the streets safer for all children. Last week, Rep. Janet Trujillo (R), Idaho Falls, introduced House Bill 334, during the second to last day of the legislative session as a companion piece to the major transportation bill the Legislature wanted to pass before adjournment (S 1206).

Voices for Healthy Kids

April 6, 2017

Health Equity: How specific will we get?

We have more advocates, champions, and partners than ever before, all holding the banner of Equity as we march forward. The question I have been asking myself lately is just how specific will we get?

Niiobli Armah IV

April 4, 2017

Do Healthy Lunches Improve Student Test Scores?

For more than a decade, standardized-test scores have been the dominant metric for measuring what public-school students know and are able to do. No Child Left Behind, the sweeping federal education law enacted in 2002, ushered in a new era of student testing and school compliance.

The Atlantic

March 22, 2017
in School Wellness