Messaging Resources

Voices for Healthy Kids is pleased to share newly developed messaging resources for advocates and campaign managers.  Over the past three years, we have conducted national, state, and local public opinion research projects on many of our issue areas and we have been able to share what we have learned through presentations and webinars.  Now, we are pleased to have some new tools based on our research findings that can be widely distributed, offering:

  • Tips on how to talk about the issue from a policy change frame
  • Key messages that have been found to be effective through polling and focus groups
  • User-friendly charts that show what language to use and what language to avoid for most effective messaging

In addition, there is a document that provides overarching recommendations to keep in mind when developing messages for any Voices for Healthy Kids policy area.

We believe that these tools will provide the movement with clear, consistent language based in message research- and unify the way we talk about public policy change to support our work in helping all children grow up at a healthy weight.

We would appreciate your feedback as you have the opportunity to use these resources. They will be refined as we learn more through research and testing. Please share your thoughts with Shelly Hogan at If you have questions about the research methodology or specific questions about the research, contact Belle Gerard at